[Executive-Committee] Official letter for ISOC regarding payment (draft)

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كلام واضح ومناسب جدا 

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Hello EC 
Below is the draft of letter to be issued and send to Kevin so that he can proceed to transfer the 6000$ funds to Hisham account. I have finally got hold of Hisham and RIPE 2000$ are already in Dubai. I have someone there coming in the next few days and we can arrange to get them. check and advise if you have any comments on the letter. 

Dear Sir 
First of all we would like to extend our deep gratitude for ISOC for their help and support during the event, Also for patience and determination to support in the current situation of financial isolation of SUDAN. Following the enormous trials and approaches to transfer the funds, we think the best way forward is to avoid transferring the money directly to accounts in Khartoum. Therefore, we suggest that ISOC transfer the funds to personal account of Hisham Ibrahim who is currently working as Regional Program Manager-Middle East Region at RIPE NCC and located in Dubai. We think Hisham is trustworthy for both our organizations and we have convenient methods to get the funds from him either in Dubai or Egypt. 
We hope this solution will be acceptable and doesn't contradicts with ISOC internal financial policies. This letter serves as official acceptance from SdNOG on the matter of the sponsorship funds for SdNOG-1 event that took place in Khartoum in 6-7 December 2014. 

Kind Regards 
Always smile 
Hiba :-) 

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