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Hiba Eltigani higba6 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 11 14:49:22 EAT 2015

Dear Mr.Khalid
    Thanks a lot for your time and interest and sorry for the delay. SdNOG
is non-for-profit group managed by group of volunteers with the aim of
providing platform for communication, collaboration and experience transfer
in the issues related to operating data networks. We use mailing list for
continuous discussions and occasionally face to face  meetings and
workshops. We had our first meeting in which we launched the group last
December on 6th and 7th. You can find more information in the website
     We don't have legal presence currently and working under the umbrella
of Sudanese Internet Society (ISOC chapter in Sudan and .sd registry). They
are providing us with legal cover and we used their bank account to receive
support from international organization. Sudanese Universities Research and
Education Network (SudRen) is also supporting us in terms of logistics,
hosting and facilities. The current executive committee is composed of 6
volunteers in roles of media officer, PR, event coordinator, financial
officer, technical officer and programs coordinator. They are volunteers
from SudRen, Canar and Zain.
     Our main goal is to insure independent and sustainable operation of
the group. The main issues we are currently facing are:
       -  how to get recognized legally with out the need for general
       - How to sustain long term financial support and sponsorship from
local business?
       - How to get funds from international organization into Sudan or at
least find more viable alternatives to that?

If you are going to stay for more time in Khartoum and you have spare time,
we can arrange for a meeting so that you can meet the committee (cc in this
e-mail) and have more discussions. Please let us know if you need more

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards
Always smile
 Hiba :-)
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