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Samir Saif samir.saif at sudren.edu.sd
Wed Jan 21 08:54:04 EAT 2015

Greetings everybody 

Hope you are doing well 

As for Sara proposal to host a workshop before the second conference, I see no harm in that but I believe we should focus more on making SdNOG more than a one-way training system from the EC to the members. We should focus on building and encouraging the discussion and participation from the mailing lists and other social platform, by doing that we can add great value to the conferences and get an output generated from the SdNOG community not just the EC Committee. I do not think that just simply sending informative email through the mailing lists is enough, I believe if we could initiate some sort of teams or discussion groups on some topics, which are of importance to us in Sudan such as: 

    * IG in Sudan: I believe there was in initiative started by Tarik Merghani. 
    * We can form a group to discuss and draft policies to be submitted to AFRINIC, which serves Sudan Interests. 
    * We can have a group working on the sanctions. 
    * Maybe have an operators panel at the conference 

We can benefit from the SIS chapters in Sudan, find active peoples, and see where the most focus in Sudan is. Capacity building is important of course, but if SdNOG all activates were just a form of a training center, I think we will be missing a lot of the potential that SdNOG can be. 

It’s just a thoughts, looking forwards to hearing your comment. 


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