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Samir Abdullatif samir.saif at sudren.edu.sd
Sun May 17 13:00:49 EAT 2015

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To: "Samir S. Omer" <samir.saif at sudren.edu.sd>
Date: Sunday, 17 May 2015, 00:56PM +03:00
Subject: Re: Hosting MENOG
Dear Samir,
Thank you for your interest in hosting MENOG-16.
We have received a number of proposals that our MENOG team are currently
evaluating and shall get back to you shortly with their decision.
Can you please indicate, in case you are not selected to host MENOG-16
(November 2015), would you be interested to extend the same bid to
hosting MENOG-17 (March 2016)?
Once again we thank you for your interest in supporting the MENOG meeting
Sandra Gijzen
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