[Executive-Committee] Sponsorship for SdNOG-3

Hiba Eltigani higba6 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 21:17:35 EAT 2016

Dear Nazem
     Salam,,,,, Thanks a lot for your time and understanding, it was an
honour meeting you last week. As per our discussion, we wanted to give you
more information about SdNOG and its activities and we hope to get your
support and help in the coming events.

     SdNOG stands for Sudan Network Operators Group. It is a non-for-profit
technical group aiming into building capacity and knowledge transfer in the
field of Internet and data networks. We believe that in age of
digitalisation, proper infrastructure and competent human resources are
crucial for development and growth. We want to achieve that by building
community where each and everyone can contribute with their knowledge and
experience so that we improve together. Our community is open for all
interested individuals with focus on our local community in SUDAN. We
achieve our goals through workshops, online discussions through mailing
lists and annual face to face meetings. We had our first face to face
meeting on 6 and 7 of December-2014 in Corinthia and we hope with your help
to have the coming one also at your lovely hotel. Our next meeting is
scheduled to be from 14- 18 August.

      We are aiming into partnership with your organisation where each
party can benefit. We think our events will be very helpful for your IT
teams since we are targeting engineers like them in our activities. Our
events are usually either free of charge or with minimal fee not more than
50 SDG. We also have broad audience that reached 250 participants from
different sectors and companies in the last meeting. This along with our
digital presence and our high profile sponsors will help endorse your known
brand as the place to go for professional events. Please find information
about sponsorship benefits and list of sponsors in previous events in
attached files. Also, you can find more information in our website

We are looking forward for your feedback.

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards

Always smile
 Hiba :-)
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