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Sara Alamin sara.alamin at sudren.edu.sd
Wed Mar 23 13:05:03 EAT 2016

Good Morning All. 
Welcome to SdNOG Mailing list , Hope you will enjoy working with SdNOG team :) 

To post to this list, send your message to: exec at sdnog.sd 

As we agreed on our last meeting we will use this list to manage our activities. and some times we will have Skype calls and face-to-face meeting. 

please if you have any problem with the mailing list contact info at sdnog.sd 

**Reminder: Last meeting Tasks** 
1. All the exec team should be member on SdNOG mailing list 
2. Check the website/social media/wiki and your opinion/feedback is welcome 
3. Table below show the exec team and their contacts 

SdNOG Executive Committee 




Vice President 	



Financial Officer 	



Events coordinator 	

Jad Allah Mohamed 	


Jadallah.mohamed at sudren.edu.sd 

Activities planner 	

Manhal Mohamed 	


Manhal_muhamed at hotmail.com 

Membership Officer 	



Administrative Officer 	

Qusai Awadallah 	


Qusai.osman at gmail.com 

Technical Officer 	

Salih Shihab 
Ahmed Hassan 	


Salih.shihab at sudren.edu.sd 

Wdhassen95 at live.com 

Media Officer 	

Rayan Anas 	


Rayananas888 at gmail.com 

--Sara Alamin-- 

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