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Hiba Eltigani higba6 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 13:08:59 EAT 2017

Dear Samir
    Salam,,,,,, As per our conversation, let us prepare for this cycle
taking into account the following:
 1. Review the current process detailed in
 2. Opening the call for committee members maximum by 10th-March.
 3. Opening the call for presentation maximum by 20th-March.
 4. Agenda should be available maximum 30th-June.
 5. The scope will be the workshops and conference or any BoF.

Please take into account the following suggestions:
        - Agenda classification into advanced/basic or themes.
        - Attract content through call for submission and targeting
specific speakers.
        - Explore the idea of parallel sessions.
        - Paper Ads for submissions and communication to ISPs and other

Kindly let us know what you need to smooth your mission.

Always smile
 Hiba :-)
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