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تقريبا لِسَّه باقي كتير
التعديلات شنو ؟

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الصور ظريفة بس فيها تعديلات
هو تاني فى حاجات مفروض يرسلها لينا ؟
ولا كدا بس خلاص؟
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First thing received from the designer for the CFP.

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Sorry for the wait..

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Salam Mustafa,,,,,
     Please find theme in below link.



On 5 March 2017 at 16:58, Sara.Alamin <sara.alamin at protonmail.com<mailto:sara.alamin at protonmail.com>> wrote:
Hi mustafa,
I've created an account at SdNOG cloud for you
you can check it
url: https://cloud.sdnog.sd
username : mustafa
passwd: mustafa at sdnog

Kindly change your passwd asap.

--Sara Alamin--

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Dear Mustafa
    Salam,,,,,,Thanks for the meeting and your help with SdNOG. As discussed please find below requirements:
1- General:
     - website.
     - Social media: announcement, tips, teasers,.....
     - Brouchoures
     - certificate
2- Event:
    - Stickers
    - cups
    - notes
    - bags
    - folder
    - stands
    - badges
Thanks in advance.

Always smile
 Hiba :-)

Always smile
 Hiba :-)

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