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Wed Apr 8 22:53:54 SAST 2015

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From: "Samir S. Omer" <samir.saif at sudren.edu.sd>

I've recently heard of bfd protocol
can anyone tell me why would I need it, and How to 
properly configure it and also pont me to some good 
documentation to it

It can be used in many ways.  For example, say a 
customer BGP session terminates on a router that
the physical circuit does not terminate on, such
as an MPLS pseudowire to the BGP router from a 
switch the physical circuit terminates on.  The 
router never sees the pseudowire go down even
though something in the middle did go down.  Then
the BGP session stays up even though there is no 

With BFD the two BGP devices can tell if something 
between them is not working because the BFD 
packets exchanged between them stop being 
sent/received and they take down the BGP session.



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