[sdnog] problems with Cacti

Samir S. Omer samir.saif at sudren.edu.sd
Thu Apr 23 13:54:12 SAST 2015

Dear All,

I'm experiencing some problems with Cacti in my network (2 problems)
we are implementing cacti in two different POPs to measure our members' bandwidth.

the first issue that I noticed that the traffic doesn't match for a giving member from both POPs
one Cacti read 7MB while the other reads 8MB. 
shouldn't the traffic be the same as cacti read a specific field (counter) in the router ?

my other issue is that every once and a while the graph page gets out of proportions and I have to scroll to find the graph (the graph shifts and float to the right).
what could be the cause for this problem ?

Samir Abdullatif

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