[sdnog] How does RIR un-allocate IP resources

Samir S. Omer samir.saif at sudren.edu.sd
Thu Jan 22 18:25:00 SAST 2015

Greetings all, 

as we know from the internet ecosystem that operators and companies or enterprises obtains their IP addresses from their LIR or RIR (as the case in Sudan) in exchange for a certain fees. 
I was wondering in the case of AFRINIC if one of its members failed to pay the bill or had any issue that required that its IP resources to be un-allocated. 
what is the mechanism that AFRINIC can take to do so? if the members is already announcing his prefixes to the internet, is there some sort of "black list" ? 
can AFRINIC (or RIR generally) completly un-allocate addresses from that member and shut down his BGP announcment to the internet ? 

is may be a simple question, but I really dont know how its done. 



Samir Abdullatif / Head of Electronic Services Unit 


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