[sdnog] Common problem in sudan | Duplex mismatch

tariq198487 tariq198487 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 27 22:19:05 SAST 2015

Hi all 

The most common problem I face when I check the links status in every network here in sudan that some links are *half* duplex. 

   Why? May be there is compatablity issue between Huawei and cisco. 

   What is the impact? Huge packet loss and very slow browsing experience. 

   How to solve it? I do not know, I just try randomly all posible settings in both routers cisco & Huawei till it get resolved. 

For discussion:
 Do you have this problem in your network? Or have you faced it before. 
 Please help if you know the right settings for both routers.

Note: I am serious every network I checked it has this problem. 


Tarig Yassin
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