[sdnog] tips and best practices

Samir S. Omer samir.saif at sudren.edu.sd
Wed Jul 8 11:51:32 SAST 2015

Dear SdNOGers

hope this message finds you well

I'm writing this email hoping that we can start a thread for best tips and practices for network admins and operators

DISCLAIMER: the term best practices is subjective and I'm expressing my views to best of my knowledge, and hopefully I can get a better ideas and tips from you.

here we go:

1- I usually edit my local 'host' file with the hostnames with their respected IPs of the machine I administer so that i don't have to remembers the IPs.

2- when I'm configuring any monitoring or alerting systems with auto-generated emails, I usually put an appropriate identifier within square brackets
to help me filter and auto-classify email to their custom folder in my mailbox.

3- my favorite terminal is MobaXterm, it has many useful features that makes it easier for managing machines "http://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/".

4- as most of us use Windows based machines in Sudan, I usually install dig in my machine so that I can quickly troubleshoot any DNS issues. "http://nil.uniza.sk/windows/windows-7/how-install-dig-dns-tool-windows-7"

5- I use KeePass to manage and store all my passwords. "http://keepass.info/"

these are some of the methods and tools I use, I hope it helps you, and looking forwards to hearing about your tips and best practices


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