[sdnog] PTR and SPF records

Sara Alamin sara.alamin at sudren.edu.sd
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Thanks Trouble , Frank :)

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On 2016-04-18 09:19:24 (+0530), Sara Alamin <sara.alamin at sudren.edu.sd> 
> - Is the PTR  record is not necessary for the mail system ? I can just 
> define MX and A record for it ?

Most mail servers will be very upset if they receive mail from a mail 
server without a PTR record.  Many mail servers will also insist that 
the PTR record and the A record "agree".

The MX record only indicates where inbound email should be sent.

> - Can  I configure only spf record  to let  the recipient email 
> servers know what is my  SMTP Email server ? in other word  Can I use 
> SPF record  as a replacement for PTR ?

No.  The SPF record is an indication of which mail servers *send* email 
from your namespace.  The MX record denotes the servers that *receive* 
your email.  These are not necessarily the same machines (and indeed 
very often aren't).

Email is difficult. :)


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