[sdnog] Asterisk

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Tue Apr 19 12:25:34 SAST 2016

On 19 Apr 2016, at 8:08, Owais Al-Qurani wrote:

> Salam Ahmed
> just like Hussain said, try to download Elastix, it's not difficult in
> installation and configuration,
> hhhhhhhhh and also feel free to contact Hussien he is professional on 
> it.

just one warning;  if you’re going to connect an asterisk server to 
the network, make sure it’s properly secured.
an non-secure installation, could quickly cause you to have several 
thousand dollars worth of unwanted phone calls.

perhaps someone’s willing to help and write out a few pointers on 
asterisk (or general voip) security  :-)


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