[sdnog] Free SSL/TLS Certificates_Let's Encrypt

Sara Alamin sara.alamin at sudren.edu.sd
Mon Jun 6 04:30:08 SAST 2016

Good morning, Ramadan Kareem :)
May Allah accept our fasting, Qayam during this blessed month :)

>I am opening https://www.sdnog.sd from Firefox on Ubuntu and i noticed the message (Firefox has blocked parts of this page that are not secured),
Sorry Mugahed for being late to response. honestly i don't know the reason, maybe this firefox issue, but i also use it and it's working fine for me. so you can test it with chrome.

>After disabling the >protection( using http) i noticed the Youtube video appeared, it wasn't there when the protection enabled. 
Thanks for your comment, I did not notice that.
now I fixed the video issue. We are using joomla module for SdNOG Youtube video, and that module has option to work under SSl, so I enable it , it should be working now :)

--Sara Alamin--

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