[sdnog] ME DNS Forum 2016 | 4-5 May 2016

Hiba Eltigani higba at tutanota.com
Wed May 4 11:16:51 SAST 2016

+1I second Nishal suggestion here. It is nice to hear people talking about 
inclusion and bridging digital divide and all that nice jargon but the 
reality is some of these issues are just human made.Why not use alternative 
tool that will work for all users? VPNs and tunnels are not the most intutive 
way to access Internet.

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4. May 2016 11:08 by nishal at controlfreak.co.za:

> On 4 May 2016, at 10:28, Fahd Batayneh wrote:
>> Friends and Colleagues,
>> The Middle East DNS forum kick starts in a while. The first session; the
>> Opening Ceremony, starts at 9.00 AM Tunisia time (UTC+1.00). You can join
>> the forum remotely using the remote participation information at
>> http://tunis2016.mednsf.org/en/remote-participation>> .
>> The language of the forum is English and French, and live EN - FR
>> interpretation will be provided. In order to flip between these two
>> languages on Adobe Connect, please use the link at
>> http://stream.icann.org:8000/stream01.m3u>> .
> fahd,
> while i believe your intent to be good, it’s been pointed out several times 
> that adobe connect does not work in sudan.  ergo, posting these message 
> here (incl. messages for ICANN remote participation, and others) doesn’t 
> add operational value to the list participants.
> i asked pointedly before: if ICANN is really interested in making sure that 
> these events reach everyone, what are they doing to address *this* problem? 
>  and note - i don’t expect you to change adobe’s policies, or US foreign 
> policy, or anything like that.  to me, as a technician, the operational fix 
> (because, this is an operations list) is easy:  if you were serious about 
> reaching everyone, you’d find a different service provider (there are 
> *many* these days..)
> until then - expecting individuals to VPN-tunnel, to reach a service that 
> is purported to be globally available, is not logical, is it?
> so i’ll repeat my earlier request - for the sake of all interested 
> individuals, (and you have been to sdnog twice now, so you know that there 
> is, by comparison, a more active community in sudan than anywhere else in 
> the MEA area,) could you please invest in a communications platform that is 
> globally inclusive.
> respectfully,
> —n.
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