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Dear All

SdNOG is a non-profit group that provides an open forum to be used by any
interested member from the Internet Community in Sudan, to exchange
technical information and expertise in inter-networking. It is managed and
organized by group of volunteers with the aim of capacity building and
technology development. [www.sdnog.sd <file:///F:/SdNOG/SdNOG3/www.sdnog.sd>

 *The SdNOG Program*


 Committee announces the opening of SdNOG-3 CFP,which will take place on
17th - 18th of

 August 2016 in Khartoum,Sudan. and is now seeking contributions for

We are looking for presenters who would:

 - Offer a technical tutorial on an appropriate topic;

 - Participate in the technical conference sessions as a speaker;

 -Convene and chair panel sessions of relevant topics.



 Call for Papers Opens [10/April/2016]

 Final Deadline for Submissions [10/July/2016]

 Final Program Published [8/August/2016]

 Final Slides Received [31/July/2016]



 The SdNOG program is organized in two parts; tutorials and conference.
Topics for tutorials and the conference must be relevant to networks and
Internet Operations and Technologies. All papers are welcomed except for
the ones that have promotional objectives or infringen copyrights. The list
below gives example of some topics but it is not comprehensive:

 - Routing and operations

 - IPv6 deployment and transition technologies

 - IXPs and Peering

 - Virtualization and Cloud Computing

 - Internet ecosystem

 - Network security issues (NSP-SEC, DDoS,

 Anti-Spam,Anti-Malware) - DNS / DNSSEC

 - Internet governance and policies (Security, Regulation,

 Content Management, Addressing, etc)

 - Any other topics



 Draft slides for both tutorials and conference sessions MUST be provided
with CfP submissions

 Otherwise, the Program Committee will be unable to review the submission.

 All draft and complete slides must be submitted in PDF format only.

 Final slides are to be provided by the specified deadline for publication
on the SdNOG website.

 Please submit on-line at: http://papers.sdnog.sd/user/login.php?event=41



Any questions or concerns should be addressed to the: info at sdnog.sd

We look forward to receiving your presentation proposals.

SdNOG program Committee.
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