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Hi Mehrdad 
IMPRESSIVE, you done a great job, thanks for your making our network life so easy. I am using Ubuntu 32 bit and the source package is 64 bit, so do you have 32 bit source package 

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I've started to develop an open source tool 4-5 months ago to help neteng/sysadmin/sysops please take look at the below links and let me know if you have any suggestions. 

https://github.com/mehrdadrad/ mylg 

You can download it for different operating systems at http:// mylg .io 


    * Popular looking glasses (ping/trace/bgp): Telia, Level3 
    * More than 200 countries DNS Lookup information 
    * Local ping and real-time trace route 
    * Packet analyzer - TCP/IP and other packets 
    * Quick NMS (network management system) 
    * Local HTTP/HTTPS ping (GET, POST, HEAD) 
    * RIPE information (ASN, IP/CIDR) 
    * PeeringDB information 
    * Port scanning 
    * Network LAN Discovery 
    * Web dashboard 
    * Configurable options 
    * Direct access to commands from shell 
    * Support vi and emacs mode, almost all basic features 
    * CLI auto complete and history features 


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