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Sara Alamin sara.alamin at sudren.edu.sd
Tue Sep 20 09:35:51 SAST 2016

Hi Riham, 
Hope you are fine

There are a lot of open source softwares that can measure,monitor your network like what Samir and Mujahid suggested:
- Cacti : it is a web-based network monitoring and graphing tool to measure your traffic, Latency, 
- SmokePing: keeps track of your network latency
- Munin
- Nagios
- LibreNMS
- Observium
- Icinga: honestly i did not try it before, but i *think* it is similar to Nagios

you also may find more info in NMS workshop that hold during SdNOG3 at:

and the workshop materials at:

All the best
--Sara Alamin--

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try looking into 
-Nagios (as Mujahid suggested)

hope it helps


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> Dears at SDNOG,
> Glad to be a member of your group :)

> I would like to ask you a bout a software to measure network performance (
> delay , jitter, packet loss, .. etc) , if you have any trusted software
> either it is free or not and i prefer if it is Linux/Unix based.

> Thanks much in advance.

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