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[Network Programmability] - General View

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Network Programmability is the big idea behind using a software which
relays on a programming language to provide the functions of network
control .

The functions across each network can be divided regarding to their
purposes .
The network foundation protection NFP is a general model which separates
each traffic regarding to its purpose .

The management traffic that is used by administrators to manage network
devices ( such as SSH and telenet traffic ) which commonly called the
management plan .

The control traffic which used by these network device to converge or to
share routing informations similarly called the control plan ( e.g..
Routing protocols , ARP ..) .

The last division is the data plane which represents real data as it
transfered through the network devices .

Network Programmability separates each plan along with its function and
goals .

The technology that uses network programming for controlling network
devices is the Software Defined Network or  SDN .

SDN separates the control plan from the data plan  means that control
informations for all devices can be configured through a centralized point
which represents the controller , the controller is a software/hardware
which provides the programming functions for the network .

Controllers can be either using GUI or CLI to send control informations for
the network devices through a Southern bound interface SBI . The number of
SBIs differ from one vendor to another . SBIs are responsible from
delivering control informations for the  Network devices .

But the question here how developers can use to communicate with controller
the answer is using Northern bound interface which an interface that face
the developers and uses one of the programming languages supported by the
controller either ( python .. java etc ) . Acronyms as NBIs .

Then when we talk about SDN we use a controller to control network devices
from a centralized point where the communication between the controller and
the network acheived through SBIs , while NBIs used by the developers to
communicate with the controller .

Network devices only concern about forwarding data across The network and
do not bother about The control informations .

The world is now looking forward for the comcept of network programmability
as the next generation network solution , network engineers must start
dealing with that , learning programming language will be a MUST soon .
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