[sdnog] Information Technology Department Set Up

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Wed Apr 26 03:14:54 SAST 2017

On 25 Apr 2017, at 9:18, Henry Dola wrote:

> Hallo All,
> I have been hired as an IT Officer in a tertiary institution and 
> tasked with setting up a new IT Department and would greatly welcome 
> your advice.
> My first task is to draw up a budget and would welcome input from you 
> on some of the items you have acquired to get your organizations 
> working.
> This would greatly welcome your input plus another information you 
> would deem relevant.
> I have been able to identify some vote heads;
> Network
> System Administration      
> User Support

hi henry,

to help we’d really need more information.   it’s not a good idea to 
start building a budget, until you have:
* an action plan that ties to projects that you’re going to be 
involved in, and
* a set of priorities for your organisation that *you* - the 
organisation - feels are important
* an indication of what you have, and what working state it’s in.
* an indication of what resources you have and where their skills areas 

(of course, you can extend this list .. )

in general, i think most people here prefer open-source;  but it would 
be disingenuous to you to, to make suggestions along these lines if the 
bulk of your organisation isn’t geared that way.


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