[sdnog] issues with high IO systems

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This is not an easy one-answer issue for me. I think you may have to try a few options and look deeper to try to find out what the real cause of the delays are.

A few areas to consider:
1. Maybe improve NFS at higher layers: look at udp vs tcp and NFS versions. Also rsize and wsize at mount.
2. Maybe improve NFS at lower layers: Are there any possible NIC or switch limits in play? If you do NFS over the same interface as the web or other services, and/or the snmp, could you dedicate a different NIC to NFS only.
3. Other ways of sharing storage? Perhaps experiment with iSCSI instead of NFS.
4. Consider other alternate options for collecting logs: Syslog supports logging to a remote syslog server for example. And many services like Apache that don't log to syslog by default can be configured to do so.

Sorry I don't have a quick or easy solution, but I hope the above provide food for thought.

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> Hi all
> I have 5 servers which are sharing an NFS monted storage for access logs. the log files are huge about 0.6 TB of Daily logs.
> my issue is that the shared storage is keeping the machines busy and not replying to my cacti snmp polling which keeps sending down alarms.
> any advice on how to go about this issue ?
> Regards,
> Samir
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