[sdnog] public looking glass servers/facilities inside sudan?

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Wed Dec 5 11:34:36 SAST 2018

hi everyone,

are there any public looking glass[1] servers/facilities inside sudan?
something that will allow  the equivalent of a “sh ip bgp x”

PCH have a looking glass that’s available at https://lg.pch.net, that 
shows routes that are received *after* going through the layer-3 IXP 
(and related BGP filtering).  i was looking for additional sources, for 
greater accuracy.

conversely, if there are network operators here, that are willing to 
setup one inside their network, to aid meddlesome people like me in 
debugging problems, and who might need assistance/ideas, i can offer 
some help…


[1]  c/f http://www.traceroute.org

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