[sdnog] Latency test

Daniel Shaw danielshaw at protonmail.com
Mon Jan 29 15:38:21 SAST 2018

Also for smokeping in addition to TCPPing probe, you could try:





You could probably also make Cacti do what you want, but you'd have to dig for the details yourself for that. I don't have any direct knowlege.

And you can also look at the Netbeez service. This is a mostly non-free cloud thing; but it has a free plan aimed to demo/test the service (https://netbeez.net/product/plans/netbeez-free/), which might be enough for your needs.

- Daniel


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 On 29 January 2018 2:39 PM, sara alamin <sara.alamin90 at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi Samir,

>Smokeping can be a good option, it uses modules  (probes) to check/graph what you would like to measure , i think in your senireo TCPPing will work.

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