[sdnog] Latency test

Samir Abdullatif samir.s.omer at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 31 06:04:05 SAST 2018

Hi Daniel

my requirement is a rough latency graph for my appliance so i can see any changes in trends or spikes. I don't need to configure for specific URL

I will try to go with Cacti (less tabs opened in my browser)

thanks for your input


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To: Samir Abdullatif; Sudan NOG
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That is what Smokeping, Cacti or a Netbeez probe can do for you.

They can graph the response time to different URLs; one or more via the proxy and one or more bypassing it.

Are you however asking also how to configure your network to have certain target URL(s) bypass the proxy? If so, that's impossible to answer without a lot more information about your network and your links.

Also, let me ask this: What are you *really* trying to test/measure? Is there a specific issue or complaint you are trying to address or diagnose? Or are you simply tyring to get some general statistics?

- Daniel

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 On 29 January 2018 6:11 PM, Samir Abdullatif <samir.s.omer at hotmail.com> wrote:

>thanks Sara, Philip, and Daniel for your suggestions
>I'm mainly concerned with my proxy, it's a filtering appliance with very limited CLI that does not have tcpdump or any other feature for which I can find the
> service time or the performance metrics for this appliance, that's why I thought about having another link which is not passing through this proxy and try to capture the response time for a given URL from both links and graph the result.
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