[sdnog] block a blank FROM "from=<>" in mail system

Philip Paeps philip at trouble.is
Sat Jul 21 07:47:53 SAST 2018

On 2018-07-20 22:42:55 (+0530), Manhal Mohammed wrote:
> how can i block a blank "from" in mail system ; here is a line  "looks 
> like" from maillog file  :
> mail postfix/smtpd[port]: NOQUEUE: filter: RCPT from some.domain 
> [public IP]: <>: Sender address triggers FILTER smtp-amavis:[my local 
> IP]:port; from=<> to=<usr at mydomain.bla> proto=ESMTP helo=<some.domain>

Blocking the unspecified sender will break email.  It's used for 
non-delivery reports.

> although the match between FROM address and sasl username is 
> configured but i still can see blank FROM :(

There is no evidence of authentication in the log you pasted.

> did i miss something ?

What is the problem you are actually trying to solve?


Philip Paeps
Senior Reality Engineer
Ministry of Information

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