Daniel Shaw danielshaw at protonmail.com
Wed Jan 2 07:16:10 SAST 2019

> On 28 Dec 2018, at 18:52, FG TECHNOLOGY wrote:
> > Dear SDnog community,
> > I'm looking for an DNS management solution "compatible with BIND."
> > Features I'd like :
> > add and remove zones,
> > add, edit, or remove records in zones,
> > intuitive web UI,
> > limit which users can edit which zone.

Another way to go would be to forget about a UI, and look into programmatically generating the zone files. For example, https://github.com/StackExchange/dnscontrol

I suppose that given your need to have different user permissions, that may not suit your use case. But you can achieve that split by having a "build" tool, and having different users with separate git repos that you merge with a script pre-processing. Or by doing everything with pull requests. In other words treat zone generation like any other code..

Just a thought :)

- Daniel

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