[sdnog] Force client to use HTTP proxy

Kabantsh Alameen kabantsh at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 03:29:44 SAST 2019

Good morning everyone
i did install and configured http proxy on the infrastructure (squid)
and i want to force the employees to use this proxy server instead of
direct connection for the sake of management  i've found two methods :-

1- With the DHCP server in option number 252 on cisco L3 swich
but it didin't work. and also our DHCP server in the Router of the ISP
(Which i don't have and access to).
2- With blocking TCP ports 80 and 443 on the incoming way

is there any way to do that ??? or if someone can help me to get further in
one of the previous steps ????

Mohamed Ayman
Network Engineer
Future University
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