[sdnog] 1G SFP into 10G port will it work ?

Kabantsh Alameen kabantsh at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 00:57:55 SAST 2019

If it dosn't fixed untill now please specify your vendor and model for the
NIC and switch.

On Thu, 10 Jan 2019, 21:56 Manhal Mohammed <manhal_muhamed at hotmail.com

> dear sdnog
> hope you are doing fine ^_^
> i have a server with only 10G ports ,i need one of these ports to be
> connected to a management switch "1G port"  :/
> a good friend advised me to use a 1G SFP in that port "the 10G one" so i
> can connect to the 1G fiber switch
> as far as i know if i connect the 10G server to 1G switch directly ,there
> will be no negotiation between the tow speeds  "in term of protocols (SFP+
> vs SFP)"
> so can the 10G port  be down-gradable to 1G speed by installing 1G SFP in
> it 😄?
> if its possible "i think it will theoretically" would someone elaborate
> why it is possible for the sake of learning ^_^
> i didn't try it  and my knowledge is 42% in hardware stuff 😄
> with best regards
> -Mnhl
> Manhal Mohammed
> System&Storage Engineer
>  Khartoum, Sudan
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