[sdnog] SdNOG6 Meeting - Mark your Calendar

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Mon Oct 14 22:09:34 SAST 2019

On 14 Oct 2019, at 12:31, Yousra Abdalla wrote:

> No ! Because the agenda was filled by experts from international 
> community
> (and that what attracted most of conference attendees !)
> This time I think no one from outside will be able to attend (unless 
> they
> already know the events dates

there were 2 ajnabis at sdnog1.  neither of us qualify as attractive :-) 
   and the meeting went on just fine.
there were 4 at sdnog2.
there were 6 at sdnog3.
it’s true that there are more ajnabis now attending.   but, you’re 
likely to find that, most of us are speaking less and less at the 
plenary.  and, whilst we’re involved in (some) of the workshops, and 
to provide outside perspective (where it’s useful), the *real* goal 
here is to be able to get local people skilled enough to teach, present, 
and have opinions that they can defend on $matters.  and some of us, 
just come for the “ kahua sudaneer (bedoun suka!)”    (please pardon 
the spelling)

we even post less on the mailing list than we did, at the start  :-)    

so, yes, it’s great to have foreigners, but it’s better to be able 
to support your own community, in your own manner.  i am *very* happy to 
hear that the workshops that are going to be run, are going to be run by 
local folk.  that’s a huge win for sdnog.  foreigners don’t always 
know better.  we certainly don’t have local context.  and if one of 
the outcomes of sdnog1-5, was to build enough local capacity so that 
there *are* enough local speakers, then, i would say that’s a win!
simply avoiding a meeting because you think that there are not going to 
be foreigners, is incorrect.  let me give you a simple example.  since 
sdnog-1, i’ve worked for PCH, and my contributions to the event have 
been (mostly) based around the work that we do globally.  today, Mother 
Sara  (:-)), also works at PCH, is an afnog instructor, and also speaks 
and teaches internationally, on the same sort of work that i do.  Sister 
Manhal is now also an instructor at afnog, and teaches students from all 
over africa.  (and, there are more of these persons scattered in your 

these *are* *your* international experts, btw.  and if you think that 
they deserve any less credence that you would give to a foreigner, then 
you’re mistaken.

sdnog is my favourite NOG, because of the energy i’ve seen in 
collaborative preparation, and how i’ve seen volunteers from the 
community get together to create something that you - the community in 
sudan - own.  remember that sdnog is not the 2day meeting that’s held 
once a year.  sdnog is the community.  and its engagement.  yes, it’s 
great to have a meetup with everyone, and, most of us ajnabis are quite 
sad that we can’t get visas to be there.  but, you don’t need us!  

> So I think more efforts needs to be done with local community  ...and 
> that
> was my point.

and it’s a good point.  i am not disagreeing with you.  i am willing 
to bet that the organising team had to balance issues like:
# time left until end of the year
# doing the smaller weekend workshops
# other commitments in place  (ie.  normal people have real lives)
# actual number of workers/volunteers/resources   (eg. availability of 
# [..]
.. and, that the dates and results they settled on, were the best out of 
that mix.
“when all you have left are lemons, make lemonade .. “

>> i know from previous years, that the *VOLUNTEER* meeting team
>> is always receptive to new people wanting to help.
> Yes they are ...said that the call for "volunteers will open and 
> they'll
> contact very one who filled the form" and nothing happened !

i’m sure that was an oversight;  perhaps try again?   we all miss mail 


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