[sdnog] Effects of encryption techniques on data-network management

Philip Paeps philip at trouble.is
Thu Oct 17 19:03:23 SAST 2019

On 2019-10-17 01:39:27 (-0700), Sami Salih wrote:
> As you may aware, encryption techniques become more robust, efficient, 
> and easy to be utilized by Internet users. Indeed this is s very good 
> development of Internet security and without any doubt such 
> enhancement will positively contribute to the overall trust of the 
> e-services. However, bad-boys may use such techniques to hide them 
> self's while sabotaging cybersystems.

There will always be bad actors.

> Hence, from the law-enforcement perspective, an appropriate measures 
> should be taken before allowing customers to utilize encryption 
> technique that are not yet have someway to be monitored, traced, or 
> can register a meaningful logs for its activities.
> I need your input to see how we can allow (by regulations) techniques 
> such as (TLS1.3, ESNI, DoH, QUIC, etc.).

You can't.  Encryption is just mathematics.  You can't uninvent it.  And 
you can't stop people from using it.

Regulation will not prevent bad actors from using encryption, just as 
regulation does not prevent bad actors from stealing (or any other 
crimes).  What regulating encryption will do, is reduce the security and 
privacy of everyone else.

I seem to remember we had this conversation on this mailing list before?


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