[sdnog] Effects of encryption techniques on data-network management

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Thu Oct 17 23:16:02 SAST 2019

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From: Sami Salih <sami.salih at outlook.com>

"...implement such encryption techniques in their hosting
premises while the gov necessitates monitoring every things

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Could you explain this?  Do you mean ISPA would like to
encrypt things, but the government wants to monitor
everything, so they can't encrypt their stuff?  Or did
you mean something else?

--- sami.salih at outlook.com wrote:
From: Sami Salih <sami.salih at outlook.com>

I think you got it correctly, ISPs think about providing 
robust encryption techniques to their customers, but some 
policies (published or not) necessitates allowing gov 
agencies to see every things.

Ah, OK.  This will not be able to happen.  It's an either 
or thing.  You can't have encryption with a government 
backdoor.  It's like a car with no motor.  Kind of 
useless.  Many governments around the world are currently 
trying to make this happen, but do not understand that it 
can't work.  Most times they will say it's to protect the 
children or prevent terrorist attacks when really it's not.

Thanks for helping me understand!

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