[sdnog] Effects of encryption techniques on data-network management

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Fri Oct 18 23:24:45 SAST 2019

Just a comment from a different perspective... :)

:: So how -if not by regulations- can bad actors be stopped? 

The same way they've been stopped since forever.  These 
criminals can and do get caught w/o devolving the internet 
into a pervasive surveillance tool for governments.  For
example, these bad people:


"Called Welcome To Video, the website relied on the bitcoin 

"Welcome To Video’s operator, a South Korean named Jong Woo Son, 
and 337 users in 12 different countries, have been charged so 
far, authorities said."

"Experts pointed to the bust as evidence that the trade in child 
abuse imagery could be tackled without subverting the encryption 
that keeps the rest of the internet safe"

"Officials...have recently begun prodding major technology firms 
here to come up with solutions that could allow law enforcement 
to bypass the encryption...citing the fight against child 
pornography as a major reason"

"Welcome To Video’s demise “is a clear indication that in cases
like this, where there’s very low-hanging fruit, breaking 
encryption is not required,” said Christopher Parsons, a senior 
research associate at Citizen Lab..."

:: Isn't the price of stopping the bad actors high enough to 
:: sacrifice some freedom?

No, definitely not.  It's a slippery slope from that to pervasive
government surveillance, which never ends well for the common folk.


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