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Thank u Jan for the document.

On 30/11/2020, 5:38 PM, "sdnog on behalf of Jan Zorz - Go6" <sdnog-bounces at sdnog.sd on behalf of jan at go6.si> wrote:

    On 29/11/2020 17:23, Fahd Batayneh wrote:
    > Friends and Colleagues,
    > ICANN’s /Office the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO)/ has published a new 
    > paper entitled “*New IP*”; which, you can access online here >> 
    > https://www.icann.org/octo-017-en.pdf 
    > <https://www.icann.org/octo-017-en.pdf>.
    This is quite useful analysis and clearly exposes many reasons why this 
    protocol should never see the light of a day, first one being 
    "reintroduces circuit-switched-like principles" and also many other 
    hints that should rise all the alarms in many heads.
    I can't resist to mention that New IP was already thoroughly analysed by 
    RIPE Secret WG which presented a quite comprehensive report and thoughts 
    at the end of one of previous RIPE meetings. Please see the the attach 
    :) :) :)
    Cheers, Jan
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