[sdnog] NOC opportunity

Sander Steffann sander at steffann.nl
Thu Dec 3 15:31:57 SAST 2020

> the “joke” was that the advert asked for CCNAs;  but did not pay 
> attention to other important criteria - like experience.  i am sure 
> that any network would be lucky to have the likes of jan and/or sander 
> working with them.  even though neither have a CCNA (and so, they 
> would be ineligible for this job) their experience in the field, far 
> outweighs the value that a CCNA would bring.

I actually for fun did an entry-level Juniper certification exam, and 
failed by 1 point because I got all the marketing and sales answers 
"wrong" :D

Talking about certification always makes me think about Andrew Alston. 
He is so far ahead with Segment Routing that even Juniper sometimes 
refers people to him for setting up SR on Juniper hardware. There is no 
certification written yet for what he can do :)


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