[sdnog] Materials Request

Muaz.Osman e.Muaz.Osman at protonmail.com
Mon Feb 24 11:05:25 SAST 2020

Dear My Precious Sdnog Family

Good Morning,, Unfortunately for special circumstances I could't attend the previous workshop ([ntroduction to Git Workshop](https://wiki.sdnog.sd/index.php/Introduction_to_Git_Workshop)). and I will not be able to attend the next workshop either ([DNS workshop](https://wiki.sdnog.sd/index.php/DNS_Workshop)) .
Sometimes compliments miss you opportunities to develop !
so If possible, I want materials papers for the both workshops and Nagios one too, yeah from last event-7 i think.. i know you can find them on the internet !.But i need to know/collect more than one opinions/method more comprehensively... Better !

Have a Great Day !
Best Regards
Muaz Osman

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