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mugahed izzeldin mugahedman at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 24 11:48:45 SAST 2020

I didn't work with Ansible or Puppet , however i did a very low level simple tasks python automation. not for services but for reports.

I can give brief 10-20 min. talk about what i did. methodolgies, data collection, libraries etc.

This is sure after the session :)


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sure!  I can help organizing this, but  who can volunteer to teach this workshop😉

--Sara Alamin--

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It is going to be very interesting, waiting to hear when it will start.

Mugahed Izzeldin
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Dear Sdnog Team ,

Good afternoon  . I would like to thank you for your cooperation and your efforts .
Please accept my suggestion  about creating an automation workshop spicially on Ansible and Puppet  . and I am grateful to be considered as one of this community  and appreciate that opportunity.

best regards
Ghazi Ebnaof Mohammed nor
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