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Fahd Batayneh fahd.batayneh at icann.org
Wed Jun 17 08:19:28 SAST 2020

Friends and Colleagues,

As we live these unprecedented times of working/studying from home and relying more on technology to get some/most of our duties/tasks accomplished, ICANN Learn has an online course to offer entitled “Holding Effective Meetings”.

In this course, you will learn about the elements that come together to hold effective meetings, whether they be in person, over the phone, or with video conferencing software. The course will go over the basics of effective meeting planning and then demonstrate how to put best practice principles in action to increase the effectiveness of the meetings you are holding and attending.

The course has four modules:

  1.  What is an Effective Meeting?
  2.  Planning and Setting Up Meetings
  3.  Running Meetings
  4.  Following Up After Meetings

The course duration lis approximately 1 hour.

You can access the course online at https://learn.icann.org/.

Happy learning!

Thank you,

Fahd Batayneh
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