[sdnog] COVID-19 and it's impact on internet traffic

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Salam mugahed ;

It's ok .. and thanks for below link :)

It's interesting to see the cause of increased traffic I mean the traffic type ... weather it is streaming (like Netflix example in the link ) , E-learning ,... etc


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  Didn't see first email, my bad, however check this also:



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Dear Khansa,
  Check this out.


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On 18 Mar 2020, at 21:12, Khansa.Abdalla wrote:

> Hello everyone ,
> Does anyone has something to share about this ?? I mean noticable
> change on the internet traffic because of more people working
> remotely...
> maybe interesting reports?
> ( measured at IXPs or anywhere else )
> Specially from affected counties ..

hi khansa,

gael at pch wrote something to that effect here:

..that’s largely from a european perspective, which i think, matches
what you were looking for.

from an african perspective, we’ve seen daytime traffic peaks go up at
INX, in south africa, as more people embrace work from home.
universities and schools are also closed, so, it’s reasonable to
assume that more people are online during the day from home.  there are
many people worried about network capacity, but frankly, that’s less
of a concern for me;  the daytime network traffic peaks are still
smaller than night-time use (more people streaming) and most end-user
networks were scoped to build for _that_  (ie. nighttime streaming).
unfortunately, while some operators have made good announcements like
doubling of data bundles, additional capacity etc, i haven’t heard
anything from our local ISPs yet  :-(

> I have no idea about such thing in Sudan ..but maybe someone from ISPs
> can tell ?

it will be interesting if some of the sudanese operators could share too
i tried to look for sixp stats online, but could not find this  :-(

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