[sdnog] COVID-19 and it's impact on internet traffic

Patrick Okui pokui at psg.com
Mon Mar 23 08:24:52 SAST 2020

Hi Khansa,

On 18 Mar 2020, at 22:12 EAT, Khansa.Abdalla wrote:

> Hello everyone ,
> Does anyone has something to share about this ?? I mean noticable 
> change on the internet traffic because of more people working 
> remotely...
> maybe interesting reports?
> ( measured at IXPs or anywhere else )

In addition to the other views you’ve been given, in the USA, 
Internet2 (the research and education network for the US) is keeping 
track of the traffic changes they see specifically for this.


They’ve stuck the data into grafana so you can go back and forwards to 
see dates you’re interested in.


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