[sdnog] How to work from home

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Mon Mar 23 22:23:35 SAST 2020

Hi all 
Hope you are all safe wherever you are,

Regards to the current situation around the world , and as we all adviced/forced to start working from home which is not common here in our community , and I know some bosses are not convinced unless they saw you in your desk :D

 my question is , for simple offices ,with no great infrastructure , just an internet connection to their edge ,how can they work from home ? Is there any free tools /ways  they can use,  what are the options, with taking along the security concerns

what is your advice to achieve that in a proper way , and for those who managed to work from home , how did you do that ? 
Please share your experience ^_^

And how we as "sdnog community" can help in that "for the old fashioned bosses :D"

Cheers & be safe 
-- Manhal Mohammed


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