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Hello Manhal and sdNOG Friends,


I hope you are all doing well, and staying healthy in these hard times.


For a mailing list such as sdNOG that has many technical folks, I can see that the answer to this question would have two paths; one for “Technical” folks and another for “Non-Technical” folks.


Technical folks could either work remotely by accessing servers remotely, or would have to physically be in a data-center running beneath cables and cabinets. I’ll leave the answer to this part to our technical geeks.


As for non-technical people (like myself), I have been working remotely from home for the past 6.5 years. While I do have a home office, I do not use it much. If you are able to manage your time wisely, working from home is like working from an office. The only key difference is that you do not have your work colleagues around you to have discussions, and so you would end up using your phone or VoIP platforms to communicate with them more.


I do have a good Internet connectivity at home, and so am not in a position to share an experience with poor connectivity.


Bottom line, if you have work to do, whether at home or at office, it should not make a difference. Try to adjust.


Thank you,




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Hi all 

Hope you are all safe wherever you are,


Regards to the current situation around the world , and as we all adviced/forced to start working from home which is not common here in our community , and I know some bosses are not convinced unless they saw you in your desk :D


my question is , for simple offices ,with no great infrastructure , just an internet connection to their edge ,how can they work from home ? Is there any free tools /ways  they can use,  what are the options, with taking along the security concerns


what is your advice to achieve that in a proper way , and for those who managed to work from home , how did you do that ? 

Please share your experience ^_^



And how we as "sdnog community" can help in that "for the old fashioned bosses :D"




Cheers & be safe 

-- Manhal Mohammed





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