[sdnog] Should we keep using mailing lists

Tareq Fatehalrahman tarig134 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 17:51:24 SAST 2020

Dear Samir,
       That is a nice idea, but personally I feel that the mailing list is
better for the following reasons:

1- it's owned by SDNOG.
2- it's more accessible and easier than the platforms.
3- no additional software is needed, which means minimizing the cellular
data consumption for people on limited plans.
4- Email feels more formal, which helps in keeping messages on topic.
5- Not everyone knows how to use Slack and Discord, and last time I checked
Slack is not available in Sudan.

I have been using Discord for 3 years now, it often has big updates that
may be much for people to keep downloading every once in a while. And it's
made for gamers, just opening it will distract you with it's gaming news.

I tried Slack about an year ago, it feels more like a team management tool
than a place to ask questions and share information.

Best regards,

On Wed, Mar 25, 2020, 4:52 PM Samir Abdullatif <samir.s.omer at hotmail.com>

> Dear SdNOG Community
> Hope everyone is staying safe in these times
> I want to ask the community here should we consider moving from the
> mailing list to more "friendly" way of communications such discord, slack,
> discourse or any other forum tools.
> My personal Motto is a smart engineer is a lazy engineer :) , and I feel
> like in some areas email chains are a bit cumbersome to deal with specially
> when I'm trying to look for and old email or reply to someone not to
> mention media attachment.
> I would like to hear everyone opinion in this, what to you guys think?
> should we keep things as is? or do you have other suggestion or even are
> using other alternatives in your work
> --
> Samir
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