[sdnog] Freebsd is not Linux ?

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at controlfreak.co.za
Wed Mar 25 21:59:47 SAST 2020

On 25 Mar 2020, at 15:58, Yasmin.Salih wrote:

> Hi all , hope all staying safe
> It might be a basic question
> can someone explain to me how/why freebsd not considered a linux 
> distribution ?

in addition to moh’s answer, you might want to look for the same 
titled talk from sdnog-4 here:

or, if you prefer video:

i’m sure there are list members, who will be happy to answer more 
questions on the subject, so don’t be shy with your questions :-)

> and as to my knowledge  it is powerful but not common used (in sudan)

it’s a good idea to pay attention to what is in use around you.  but, 
it is a bad idea, to restrict your choice, only to that.  always learn 
about/search for alternatives, and, then choose the most appropriate one 
for you.  and, btw, you’ll probably find freebsd in more places than 
you think, in sudan.  it’s just that people don’t like to advertise 
what they do/use;  but, ISA, this list with change that!  ;-)

we’re entering 21days of lockdown for covid-19 in south africa, and, 
part of my personal plan during this time, is to replace _many_ of the 
linux hosts at our IX, that i was promised it’s easier to maintain, 
with freebsd (which i find simpler).  if you’re interested, we went 
the linux (ubuntu) route years ago, because you can’t swing a dead cat 
without hitting someone that knows “apt-get”, but, over time, this 
has come to constantly provide us with new and exciting changes when we 
upgrade..which is definitely not what i want in a server operating 
philip (trouble) has a good way of putting it; he says that a change, 
should honour the “principle of least surprise”;  ie. upgrading your 
server operating system, should not cause any unnecessary or unwanted 
“surprises”.  maybe, when you ask your next set of questions, 
he’ll chime in ;-)

stay safe everyone,

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