[sdnog] Freebsd is not Linux ?

Sander Steffann sander at steffann.nl
Thu Mar 26 23:32:26 SAST 2020

Hi Philip!

> When you install an open source operating system, you also install an open source culture.  With FreeBSD, you install a predictable culture: progress will be steady but upgrades will be uneventful and your deployment will be easy to understand and maintain.  With Linux, you install a culture of surprise: progress will be fast-paced and every six months or so, most of your deployment will change drastically.  Unless you have the manpower (and the willpower!) to keep up with the pace of development, upgrades will be full of surprises and fraught with peril.

I have been annoyed by how slowly new features become available in a steady culture, and I have been annoyed by random stuff breaking in a fast-paced culture. It's a choice that depends a LOT on the context of where the software is being used :)

> But clearly, I am biased. :)

Obviously ;)

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