[sdnog] Should we keep using mailing lists

Daniel Shaw danielshaw at protonmail.com
Mon Mar 30 11:18:19 SAST 2020

My 0.2 $local_currency -

a) Does this have to be an either/or situation. The mailing list definitely seems to have a purpose and fit a need. If there is an additional need for a loess formal and more real-time communication in addition, that a different question to "is the mailing list useful as it is".

b) I don't really use Facebook, but if you have a lot of followers there and see less engagement than on the smaller lists, I am curious if you have
 - i. done any outreach on FB about the lists?
- ii. asked on FB if those followers are interested in any other fora, and if so what they may prefer?

(genuine questions).

I hope at least some of the above makes sense :)

-- Daniel
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