[sdnog] Freebsd is not Linux ?

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Thank you all , your inputs were really helpful to me


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On Thursday, March 26, 2020 6:35 AM, Philip Paeps <philip at trouble.is> wrote:

> On 2020-03-25 23:08:51 (+0800), Samir Abdullatif wrote:
> > Both are derived from Unix but they are different Linux is Technically
> > a Kernel while FreeBSD is a full Operating system. I believe we have
> > an freebsd ambassador on the list who might explain it better.
> I can't explain it much better than Nishal did. ;-)
> To expand on this a little bit, though.
> FreeBSD and Linux are both operating systems that smell a lot like Unix.
> FreeBSD is directly descended from Unix. It is based on a set of
> patches from the University of Berkeley that made Unix more usable in
> the 1970s and 1980s and has been developed continuously by a healthy
> open source community since the early 1990s. By contrast, Linux is a
> rewrite from scratch of the Unix kernel. Many different projects
> distribute the Linux kernel together with a collection of libraries and
> tools -- also mostly rewrites of traditional Unix implementations -- and
> the resulting distributions behave more or less like Unix.
> Some people like the way Linux distributions behave and the way they are
> developed. I personally don't.
> In addition to operating systems, FreeBSD and Linux are also open source
> projects with their own cultures and customs. The FreeBSD Project is a
> fairly well-structured community of individuals with more or less
> aligned goals on how an operating system should behave. The FreeBSD
> community strongly believes in the "principle of least astonishment"
> when making architectural decisions. Linux, on the other hand, is
> developed by a great number of different communities all with distinct
> -- and often diametrically opposed -- views. This leads to what I call
> a "culture of surprise".
> When you install an open source operating system, you also install an
> open source culture. With FreeBSD, you install a predictable culture:
> progress will be steady but upgrades will be uneventful and your
> deployment will be easy to understand and maintain. With Linux, you
> install a culture of surprise: progress will be fast-paced and every six
> months or so, most of your deployment will change drastically. Unless
> you have the manpower (and the willpower!) to keep up with the pace of
> development, upgrades will be full of surprises and fraught with peril.
> But clearly, I am biased. :)
> There is a lively and helpful community in Sudan that will be able to
> support you no matter which operating system and culture you choose.
> Philip
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