[sdnog] Can not get the real ASNs using traceroute -a

Willy Manga mangawilly at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 17:07:23 SAST 2020


On 24/09/2020 18:06, Sara Alamin wrote:
> this correct,  but on RADB as Patrick showed us,  we don't get the same answer. so aren't these databases syncing from each other? and as Nishal's said this is always CANAR prefix , so how come RADB accept different origins for the same prefix.

Each registry has its own rules :) .

My humble advice here is:
- for each Internet number resource you have received an
allocation/assignement, register your objects in the database of the
respective Regional Internet Registry

- then if you really need to register in another registry, go ahead


> according to RPKI stats, We have only one ISP,  MAXNET (AS37211 ) has generated ROA for their prefixes. I hope others do it soon.

SUDATEL (AS15706) as well. They created their ROA during the first
AFRINIC e-deployathon at least for their v6 prefix :2001:4228::/32 [1].

1. I did not recall why they did not add their v4 prefix in the same
certificate. But it should be straightforward.

Willy Manga

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