[sdnog] Introduction to Network Operations: UNIX/LINUX, Networking and DNS. "NetOps" online course

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Thu Mar 4 10:20:54 SAST 2021

Hello sdnoggers 😃

for all #networks geeks, system #administrators, #developers, and #networks #operators 

we are pleased to announce that the registration for the ISOC online courses is now open😀

#SdNOG in collaboration with the Internet Society invites you to participate in one of their top online courses titled:
Introduction to Network Operations: UNIX/LINUX, Networking and DNS. "NetOps"


for more information about the course: 


💢 this is 3 weeks, hands-on online course.
💢 duration will start at 12 March 2021  @ YOUR HOME ;) 
💢 this online course resources and certificate are provided by the #Internet_Society (ISOC)
💢 A Certificate from the Internet Society will be available on completion 
💢 the course is lab intensive (70%) with trainees provided with theory materials that they can read.

Registration link : 

Registration will be closed by 12 AM on Monday  8 March . For those who still want to enroll for this course , please hurry up!  “Seats are limited” 

Tell your friends , have fun while sharing the knowledge  ❤️

Manhal Mohammed 
Sdnog Team 

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